Show of human solidarity.

Show of human solidarity.

These communities, which were protesting individually or in small groups, have been linking the anti-CAA protests with placards and banners in a organized manner from Tuesday, a day after AASU general secretary Lurinjyoti Gogoi said non-Assamese people in the state must express their solidarity with the anti-CAA movement.

The Marwari Sammelan Northeast, All Assam Bhojpuri Parishad, Hindusthani Samaj Jorhat, Hindustani Navayubak Samaj, Marwari Yuba Mancha, Axomiya Bengali Sammelan, Sikh Samaj, Nepali Samaj, Purbottar Hindustani Sammelan and Axomia Bengali Samaj, among others, participated in the demonstration on Wednesday. Guwahati-based Madhusudan Sikaria, president of Marwari Sammelan Northeast, said they took a 400-plus rally from Fancy Bazar and joined the AASU satyagraha in Latasil here.

“We are also from Assam and want the interest of the people of Assam,” he said, when asked about his view on the anti-CAA movement. Gaurav Somani, another pioneer of the organisation, said,”We’re all in it together. CAA has to go.”

Jorhat-based Rajkumar Chowdhury said the Hindustani Samaj, largely comprising people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar settled at the state, said about 1,000 members of the community engaged in the satyagraha. They held placards saying”Do not want CAB” and”Joi Aai Axom”.

“Though our roots are in Bihar and UP, for all practical purposes, Assam is our residence. Any danger to the culture and identity of Assam is also a threat to us. We have been protesting against it but now we are more organized,” Chowdhury said.

“Assam is our nation also. We have to respect the thoughts of the people of the state. We want CAA to proceed.” “They have understood the implications of the Act. We’ll need to think about Assam’s future together,” he said.

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